What happens when a game that has been consistently rated as one of the best car games to ever be created enters its fifth franchise year? Well the developers strive to make it even more realistic and applicable to the modern gamer. Sony Computer Entertainment is the genius minds and the think tank behind the most recent addition to the best car games: Gran Turismo 5.After doing some checking around with various sources, rumor has it that they take this game very seriously when developing cars – all the way down to the finest details inside and out. In fact, according to unnamed source at Sony, they spend about six months developing each licensed, premium car model for the ultimate in realism. No wonder this game is widely dubbed as being the cream of the crop with regard to the best car racing games.

In the game, you can build custom cars with money you earn from racing at various tracks that are situated around the game. The more money you have, the more add-ons you can buy for your cars in your shop. There are plenty of cars to choose from, tons of things you can beef them up with, and a variety of different campaign modes that will keep you gaming for hundreds of hours, not to mention the multiplayer. But what we are focused on today is that you can drive hybrid and electric vehicles in this game.

electric cars

Primarily, the newest all electric cars, the Nissan Leaf, which we never thought we would ever see in the best car games, is a staple in this game. The details on the car are so vivid and high resolution (in HD), that it nearly looks like the actual real life version. The engine is beefy and responsive, and has a quick pickup. We also enjoyed racing this car against the Honda CR-Z, the Prius and the Mitsubishi “I” models.

Now the best car racing games just got even better with the addition of hybrid and electric vehicles. For the bucks, Gran Turismo 5 is well worth every single penny. Hands down!

Smartphones are awesome, that’s the truth. It’s like you are holding a mini supercomputer powerhouse that is in the palm of your hand. Imagine if we could take our Android phone back in time to, say, the 80s, where people would have thought that we were from some alien planet, because computers back then
(which took up entire rooms in large buildings) couldn’t even do one billionth what the super capable smartphones of today do. When you are not downloading apps, using GPS to find where you are headed, surfing the web or calling or texting a friend or family member, burn some rubber – and some spare time – with our top seven picks for best car games for Android-powered smartphones.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD: Race the best cars with the best graphics in our pick for the best car games for Android. Test your skills against other online players on 11 different tracks and in 55 exciting events.

asphalt 6

Drag Racing: You have 50 different cars you can ride in, and up to 11 different players you can compete against online to see who can best the other in the quarter mile. Sweet!

drag racing

Riptide GP: Imagine MotoGP, but on water. The Tegra3-enhanced HD graphics will leave you breathless. The courses are as challenging as they are graphically intense.


Real Racing 2: Drive 30 real-to-life and licensed cars as you go head-to-head with other gamers on 11 different tracks. The Mint3D engine makes this game a high octane pleaser.

real racing 2

Raging Thunder 2: This 3-D racing game features all sorts of challenging tracks with plenty of cars to choose from. With five single player modes and several two player modes, it’s as awesome as the Raging Thunder prequel, which won several awards.

racing thunder

Reckless Getaway: You are tasked with getting rid of the fuzz after a bank robbery leaves them in hot pursuit of your vehicle. The okay graphics are overshadowed by the unique game play.


Create a Ride: Ever wanted to make your own supercar and race it against other players online while showing it off? You don’t need Midnight Club LA anymore to do this anymore. In this game, that’s what you get to enjoy doing. Make a flashy ride that wows your best friends, and then race it.

create a ride

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