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As a game reviewer I have to be completely honest about this – I have a huge bias towards this game. Baldurs Gate is simply one of my personal favorite PC games of all time. But it is also well regarded enough to be included in a list of the best PC games of all time, too.
Developed by Bioware, and released way back when (1998) by Interplay Entertainment, Baldurs Gate is an epic RPG game with an involved storyline, well developed characters, and a great sense of adventure throughout the whole game. Baldur’s Gate features a world that can be freely explored (although some areas require being unlocked first), and the game progresses in character development similar to most RPGs today – by acquiring skills and better weapons as the game progresses.
Baldur’s Gate, along with the expansions and other games in the series, follows the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition ruleset with a few exceptions to make for better PC gameplay. Many hardcore RPGers consider this the way an RPG is supposed to be played, which is basically true role-playing style. But you don’t have to know all the D&D rules by heart to enjoy the game, although it does help in some situations to know what methods may work best to conquering an enemy.
What makes Baldur’s Gate deserving of being included among the best PC games of all time is it’s memorable storyline and characters, and for basically being the first RPG on the market to truly succeed in utilizing the D&D ruleset, all the while keeping the game fun and challenging. The game was simply groundbreaking for its time, and most gamers in 1998 were familiar with the impact that Baldur’s Gate had on the gaming market and community. The graphics, although outdated by today’s standards in 2011, were also definitely noteworthy when the game was released, particularly in the RPG genre.

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baldur's gate
Finally, the greatness in this or any game is in it’s replay value. Baldur’s Gate can be replayed through over and over and still be enjoyable and memorable. It’s long, it’s epic, and is absolutely one game that any RPG gamer should be familiar with and have at least played through at least once.
What can be said about the great PC game Deus Ex that hasn’t already been said? Developer by Ion Storm and released in the year 2000, Deus Ex is widely regarded as one of the greatest PC games of all time. If there is one game that every PC gamer has got to play through at least once, it might just be Dues Ex.
What makes Deus Ex so great is a combination of things. For one, the compelling plot as the game leads on, draws you in to vast conspiracies involving the Illuminati and the Majestic 12, for example. The game just makes you feel so much like part of the game world, which for going back to the year 2000 is quite an accomplishment. Dues Ex was a game that came along and introduced an epic story behind the game, which made it so much more than your average action-adventure type game.
Another reason that makes Deus Ex among the top PC games of all time is it’s style of gameplay. Deus Ex managed to combine various elements of different gameplay styles – shooter, adventure, and role playing game – all into one. Combat in Deus Ex is sometimes tactical, sometimes stealth, at other times reflexive, and it always feels very immersive. For the time of it’s release, Deus Ex can be considered revolutionary. The thing about this game is, even though it has combined all these different styles of gameplay, it still never stops being fun.

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The graphics in Deus Ex can be said to be somewhat average. For today’s standards in 2011, it might not have as much appeal, but it is decent enough to feel immersive and realistic. But Deus Ex’s strengths are in it’s story and gameplay, which override the graphics appeal, even today.
Somehow the game developers never lost sight of making Deus Ex fun and exciting. Combine the revolutionary gameplay with the outstanding plot and story and you have one game that set the standard. It continues to be enjoyable to go back through and play it again. In terms of the best PC games of all time, there is absolutely no question that Deus Ex deserves a spot in the list.